Spotlight: Faust il'Satabro

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Spotlight: Faust il'Satabro Empty Spotlight: Faust il'Satabro

Post  King Gidan on Wed Dec 07, 2011 5:16 am

The page for Faust is found here:

but, what more is there to this dark and mysterious personality? Was his fallen noble house rooted in naval trade? Were his ancestors famous artists? How was House il'Satabro viewed by the other families of Calori? And perhaps, most importantly, what did the Orchid gain to see them fall?

Edit: Here are some ideas Bizkit had on the character from Faust's point of view:
[...] maybe their trade had fallen ill due to my fathers misgivings and ineptness causing us to go to debt fueled by an aposing house after our lands. Then we were betrayed by a cousin or some lower house member who we thought was dead but is really working for teh orchid and crushed teh family to gain favor in the guild and support of the other house who has since married him to a mid level member and given him a small ammount of influence and maybe the guild is operating a sect out of the home and lands of my family.

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