Trouble With Level Progression

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Trouble With Level Progression Empty Trouble With Level Progression

Post  Bumpycucumbers on Tue Dec 27, 2011 2:22 pm

I know I have asked this question before but it seemed, unfortunately, to not really help me. The reason being is that I asked a room full of people and they all had thier answers but none gave thier reasons and of course thay all had different answers. So, I will open this up for discussion on the forum.

As you all know I am running this campaign called Curse Of The Crimson Throne. Now, the adventure calls for four character and there are six (I know that John's character has a companion that is not technically a character but it takes up space so it counts in my opinion) in the campaign. The battles in the campaign, if left untouched, seem to be very underwhelming for the party. Now, not only do the encounters seem underwhelming but because there are more players than the adventure was made, so, the Player Characters are not getting the full allotment of experiences points.

I guess my question is do I ramp up the encounters to fill the gap created by the extra PC's or do I keep everything as written with the hope that because the experience points are being spread thinner due to extra PC's it will eventually even out ?

Would love to see your suggestions.


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