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Just An Idea That I Had Empty Just An Idea That I Had

Post  Bumpycucumbers on Tue Dec 27, 2011 12:53 pm

I don't know if you already had this idea or not Tysen but I just thought of it while working on my character for the Archmage Saga.

I had the idea that maybe one of my character's best friends is a lycanthrope a werebear to be specific. I thought maybe lycanthropes are what the Elves call Ysbryd o'r Goedwig, Spirits Of The Forest in common, and they all live in tribes in the Great Forests. I was thinking that they are a shy people that avoid outsiders at all costs. They have the reputation that they do because, like other wildlife, they get cornered or feel threatened or whatever and they attack the threat. I was also thinking that the Lycanthropy is passed normally but they are also susceptible to diseases that affect only animals.

Anyway I was just thinking that Lycanthropes could be shy, tribal beings or maybe they could be accepted members of, what the majority would consider, civilized society. Another thing that I was thinking was that all lycanthropes are the same species and the disease just affects people in different ways and that is why there is a wide variety of them.

It was just a thought but I do think that it would be cool for my character to have a lycanthrope as a good friend but please tell me what you think of the idea. If you like more details on the idea I can definitely do that for you but this is pretty much all I had just let me know.


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